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Easy Arm Robot is easy to install, operate and benefit!
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Today, metal machining is getting complicated. Multiple tools, multiple axis and multiple locations are mostly happened on every part machining. Machining time for one part might take multiple seconds to multiple minutes. In most cases, we will place one operator for one machine. Operator may have to remove finished part and load with new part into the machine. Then operation will have to send finished tray to somewhere and pick up a new tray or basket of parts to the machine side.

So we can place an Easy Arm Robot to replace the operator in doing load and unload job for the machine. Plus a part supply table can provide few hundreds of parts, this part supply table can run few hours before we have to change parts on the supply table. Therefore, one person takes care of multiple machines becoming possible. This Easy Arm Robot can be mounted in side of the machine, so it waits for no time in picking up finished and load a new part.

This Easy Arm Robot can be mounted on new machine or old machine. Installation is easy and quick. Control system is also easy to integrate with existing CNC control system.

Easy Arm Robot is superior to conventional robots because Easy Arm Robot is installed inside of machine, which will not take space outside of machine. Conventional robot will have to access the part from front door which will interfere with human operation. And working area of conventional robot will take extra space, and access the part from outside will take extra seconds to complete the operation.

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