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Arm Robot for Machining Centers
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More and more CNC machine users are considering install robot on the machine for labor saving and production efficiency increasing. There are two major type of robots in the market of CNC machinery; joint type and gantry type. For CNC lathes customer can use gantry or joint type robot. However, for machining centers there are some drawback of joint type robot even there are 6 axis of freedom.

a.    Joint type of robot has to load and unload the part from front of machine.

       Operator will be difficult to do tool change and maintenance.

b.    Program will be difficult to make.

c.    Part supply table will be difficult to align with robot.

To solve this issue, we have designed and made an arm robot with following features

      1.   The robot is small.

2.   The robot can be installed inside of machine

3.   Load and unload part is from the side. It will not block front door of machine.

4.   The robot is inexpensive.

5.   The robot is easy to program.

Following videos are for drill/tap center.




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