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Pick and Place Gantry Robot EWGz01 working on 2 CNC lathe
Gantry robots are mostly being used on CNC lathes and machining centers. We have newly developed a 5-axis robot for cylindrical grinding machine.
Arm Robot for Machining Centers
Easy Arm Robot is more advantage than manual operation, gantry robot and multiple joint robot……..
Today, metal machining is getting complicated. Multiple tools, multiple axis and multiple locations are mostly happened on every part machining. Machining time for one part might take multiple seconds to multiple minutes. In most cases, we will place one operator for one machine.
This GANTRY ROBOT is installed in existing machine where machine frame modification is difficult, or machine is small, feeding parts from side is not possible. Longitude part where tailstock is required, GANTRY ROBOT will load the part from top and vertical. Mounting is easy. There is 4th axis to
Interactive communication, HMI screen and short training time have made this controller friendly usage and easy adaption. Any level of operator or technician can be taught in two hours.
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