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  • CNC turning machines and machining centers have become more accurate, faster and versatile. Their function and performance have reached an inaccessible level.
  • However, there are many of CNC machine tools are still using manual loading and unloading of the work piece into/out of machinery. Constantly, one machine will need a single operator for all the time. MechEng has seen the labor saving and automation is the future trend in consideration of loading and unloading workpiece process. Easy Arm Robot can be installed inside or outside of machine. When CNC machinery is working, the robot can still pick and place a part standing- by for next operation. Easy Arm Robot is better for new machine adding on robot.
  • For existing machinery, gantry robot will be the choice. High speed movement, easy alignment and very little machine frame modification. Installation and training will take only a couple of hours. Gantry Robot can make your or your customers’ CNC machine automation in very simple and easy way. Contact us for further information.
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